Thunder Get Refund

Can I get a refund on my Thunder gear too?

The Tyson Chandler to OKC trade is now null and void  as Chandler failed to pass the physical preformed by the Thunder medical staff. 

Team doctors for the Thunder were leery of the effects that Chandler’s problematic left big toe could have on his career.  No one would know better what to look for either because it is this very staff of doctors that treated and performed surgery on the toe in 2007 when the Hornets were relocated to OKC due to Hurricane Katrina.

How awkward must this be for Chandler as he returns to the Hornets?


Shaq & Kobe

Its easy to remember how good they were but once the chemistry was lost...

It's easy to remember how good they were but once the chemistry was lost...

I refrained from making a “Shaq & Kobe” post the whole time leading up to and through All-Star Weekend but he are my two cents on the matter.

All this talk about how they would have won “x” number of titles if they had been together all these years is nonsense.  It’s not like Shaq left when they were on top.  After winning 3 in a row they didn’t make it back to the finals the next year and then got embarrassed by the Pistons the next year with the Mailman and the Glove as re-enforcements.

It’s over.  Let’s move on.

I’m hopping on the Thunder Bandwagon Early.

Gotta scoop me some Thunder gear.

Gotta scoop me some Thunder gear.

Great move by the Thunder yesterday in acquiring Tyson Chandler.  This team is really positioning itself as one of the teams with the brightest futures in the NBA. 

The Thunder added to their already young and talented nucleus.  All that is missing now is a shooting guard that can stroke it from deep to compliment Durant’s mid-range game and Westbrook’s penetration.

The Bulls were in a similar position a few years ago but have taken steps backwards.  This big difference in OKC is the presence of Durant, a bonafide NBA star.


Come All-Star Weekend Joe Johnson, Kevin Durant, and O.J. Mayo will join the ranks of NBA greats Pete Maravich and George Gervin.  No, not in terms of the greatness or Hall of Fame status but what they all will have in common is participation in NBA H-O-R-S-E competitions. 

Johnson, Durant and Mayo will compete in the shooting contest re-named G-E-I-C-O after the contest sponsor.  This is actually the contest that I am looking forward to the most this weekend and hopefully it will be part of All-Star Weekend for many years to come.

Check out 1978’s HORSE contest below:

In Case You Didn’t Know, Kobe Has Big Balls

I wrote about this before, but Kobe did his “Big Marbles” dance again last night in Utah. 

After hitting yet another clutch shot, this time a “3” to put the Lakers up 1 with a minute and a half to go, Kobe celebrated on his way back to the bench by letting the Utah crowd know that he indeed did have “big marbles”.

While there is probably no one I would rather have take a last second shot the truth of the matter is that the Lakers are now 0-2 when Kobe does the dance.

Watch around 2:30 into the clip:

Hump-Day Flashback(A Day Late): 1988 3-Point Contest

Although it wasn’t the greatest 3-point contest performance ever in terms of score it was probably the most “clutch” and by far the coolest. 

After a slow start Larry Bird was tied with Dale Ellis at 15 points with one shot to go.  The “money ball” was indeed money and Bird knew it as soon as it left his hand letting everyone know that he was the 3-point contest king.

Check out Larry Legend below…By the way, the guy is so confident he doesn’t even take his warm-up off.

Milwaukee Holding On Despite Injuries

This guy could fire anybody up.

This guy could fire anybody up.

If the Bucks are able to make the playoffs I think that Scott Skiles should receive serious consideration for Coach of the Year. 

I fully expected Milwaukee to fold like a house of cards when Michael Redd went down for the season.  This situation got even worse with recent injuries to starters Andrew Bogut and Luke Ridnour but somehow the Bucks have found a way to win games and hold onto 8th place.

Skiles has implemented a smaller lineup and a faster style of play in which players like Richard Jefferson, Charlie Villenueva, and even 2nd-year Ramon Sessions have flourished.